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Fernando De Szyszlo

The Revolutionary Latin American Art of Fernando de Szyszlo

When it comes to Latin artwork, one name stands out above the crowd. Fernando de…

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Art By Paul Hunter

Gold Metal Luminosity: Art by Paul Hunter

Gold leafing is a centuries-old art, but one artist takes it to another whole level.…

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What Is A Serigraph

What Is a Serigraph?

There are many forms of painting techniques that artists employ to create their masterpieces. One…

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What You Should Consider When Buying Limited Edition Art Prints

When you are searching for limited edition art prints, there are several things to keep…

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Paul Hunter Art For Sale

Three Art Movements That Might Be Missing in Your Art Collection

Many art collectors find that if they are not diligent about exploring all kinds of…

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Omar Dleon Paintings

The Benefits of Exploring Works of Art from Different Cultures

For art collectors, whether experienced or new, it is crucial to explore art from all…

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4 Great Locations For Art Inside Your Home

Unless you are an artist, a curator, or a gallery owner, buying any art is…

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El Dinosauro Quiso Ser Isla 2016 (Ed. Of 99), Limited Edition Serigraph On Paper, 46 ¾ X 35 Inches

The Unseen Values of Building an Art Collection

For most art collectors, the value of art is hard to pin down and define.…

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Abstract Art Prints For Sale

Informing Yourself Before Buying a Piece of Art Makes All the Difference

When it comes to purchasing works of art, most people get lost quite easily. Without…

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Limited Edition Serigraph

Should You Include Fine Art Prints in Your Collection?

Artwork paints emotions on canvas and spreads feelings in ways that can't otherwise be shared.…

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Cavelier, Jorge, Oro Verde, 32 X 42.5 Inches

6 Amazing Artists Inspired By Nature

Current statistics indicate that the Federal funding for humanities and artistic works is around $250…

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