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Understanding The Richness And Longevity Of A Serigraph Art Print

While painting is the most popular media found in collections worldwide at 83% found in art galleries, paintings against collages, drawings, and art on paper round out at 15%. Even though painting is the most popular media found, the serigraph art print continues to be a highly sought-after print. Serigraph printing is a labor-intensive method of silkscreen printing or screen printing that dates back to the 20th century. Let’s delve into a deeper understanding of a serigraph art print and the utilization of a serigraph.

What’s the Difference Between a Serigraph and a Lithograph?

When a lithograph is utilized, the printer is creating an image on a flat surface. That printer is also using grease or oil for the creation of the image. Afterward, the surface is then covered in ink that is only able to stick to the grease or the oil, not the entire area. The paper is then pressed onto the surface later absorbing the ink.

The serigraph art print is a print that has an image printed on a piece of fabric with stencils and ink being utilized. An artist can create a serigraph art print by putting a stencil on silk or another kind of fabric. Then, they must apply ink to the areas that are not enveloped by the stencil. Lithographs are created with oil and ink. A serigraph art print is crafted of fabric and stencils.

Does a Serigraph Art Print Hold Value?

A serigraph art print is a fine art print that does indeed hold value. The serigraph art print gained acceptance from both galleries and art collectors back in the 1960s. Many artists then began creating major works with serigraphs, as they experimented with textures and colors that were not available in other mediums.

Over time, the serigraph art print has been able to hold its own in the world of art, with some being sold for thousands of dollars. Many serigraph art prints have been widely accepted into prestigious and reputable art galleries and museums worldwide.

What Is a Serigraph Art Print On Canvas?

A serigraph art print on canvas is created once the paint is sent or pushed through the creator’s silkscreen onto the canvas. A different screen is utilized for each color that is within the print. The final result is a serigraph art print that has tremendous density, color, and various qualities of the original piece regarding color saturation.

As your Coral Gables, Florida art gallery, we have provided a constant production of the serigraph art print. In fact, our serigraphs utilize images from the works of artists you can find in our gallery. Our art gallery not only offers viewings of art from world-renowned artists, but we are a full-service gallery that provides installation services and framing, too. We further provide limited edition serigraph artwork for sale. So, be sure to inquire about our serigraph art prints as well as our whimsical art prints, limited edition prints, and more.

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