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3 Reasons Why You Should Add Whimsical Art To Your Collection

Successful art collectors will attest that whimsical art adds a lighthearted and dynamic feeling to their art collections. As a collector, you most likely select art based on the sentimental and monetary value you see in a piece of art. As such, you’ll be happy to know that whimsical art, when properly selected, will have the following benefits to your art collection.

Let’s dig in and find out the perks of adding whimsical art to your collection.

1. Whimsical Art Makes Your Collection More Vibrant

Whimsical art prints are playful and fascinating. Artists who create whimsical artwork use humor to communicate serious thoughts or deep reflections figuratively. In other words, whimsical art is not only playful and lighthearted, but it’s also reflective and captivating. Hence, a top-quality whimsical art print will make your collection livelier and boost your spirits. When you look at a playful, whimsical art print when you’re feeling beat down, it will provide the kind of excitement you need to bounce back to your joyful self. In this regard, whimsical artworks enhance your overall well-being by triggering a happy feeling every time you look at the art.

Adding whimsical art to your collection of magical realism art, serigraph art prints, abstract art prints, and nature-inspired art completes your collection delightfully. Even the most established, well-traveled, and sophisticated art collectors look for whimsical artworks to add flare to their extensive art collection. Whimsical artworks from reputable artists such as Fernando Botero are a favorite among top collectors.

2. Whimsical Art Appreciates In Value

Just like other fine art print, whimsical art appreciates in value over time. Whether you’re a for profit-collector or a hobbyist collector, each piece in your collection should have some value, whether sentimental or monetary. This is what you get when you invest in top-quality whimsical artworks from world-famous artists like Elmar Rojas, Felix Angel, and Fernando Botero. When selecting whimsical artwork to add to your collection, you may want to consult a top art dealer who’s well versed in whimsical art.

A more consequential consideration when buying whimsical art is your taste. Ultimately, your art collection is a reflection of your ideals and your outlook on the world. Good thing you’ll find many styles of whimsical artworks in the top art galleries near you. Depending on what makes you tick, you can choose whimsical paintings that feature animals, babies, nature, or those that utilize different colors and shapes playfully.

The artworks add more than monetary value to your art collection. You’ll find that the art will be a source of fleeting joy in your life, especially when you’re not feeling so enthusiastic. Besides increasing in market value, your whimsical art collection will benefit your overall well-being.

3. Buying the Art Promotes the Lesser-Known Artists

Whimsical artwork is one of the under-explored art movements worldwide. Most art collectors have predominantly focused on popular art styles such as abstract art, modern art, impressionism, pop art, cubism, and surrealism. This has been at the expense of the less popular art styles such as whimsical artwork and realism.

By buying the art prints to add to your art collection, you get to promote these artists. This is great for the individual artist, and also for the art industry that has about 113,000 nonprofit arts organizations. In general, the art industry in the U.S employs more than 2.2 million artists. Therefore, when you buy whimsical artwork from the local art galleries, you’ll promote the artists and contribute to the overall economy.

That said, whimsical artworks are not a reserve of the art collectors. Today, institutions such as schools and hospitals are investing in whimsical art prints. You’ll find most elementary and middle schools buying the art to decorate their classrooms. Additionally, pediatricians and psychotherapists use such paintings to make their clinics more welcoming for their patients.

As a collector, whimsical artworks will be a valuable addition to your art collection. You should buy your artwork from a reputable art dealer near you.

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